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Protectli Vault

#1 Appliance for Open-Source Software

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FW4C with 2.5G now available

Protectli has released the successor to the FW4B. The FW4C features 2.5G NICs, a faster CPU, and more. Buy Now >

Keeping Your Network Safe

The Protectli Vault helps thousands of network professionals and self-professed geeks like us to keep our networks safe.

Install any software

All Vaults are OS agnostic and support a variety of popular open source software distributions. Want to run a firewall like OPNsense, pfSense, or others? We can do that. Want to run a hypervisor instead? Go for it! Optionally choose to have an OS preinstalled by us during configuration.

Run on advanced firmware​

Simple. Clean. Secure: The Vault can be configured with coreboot, the open source BIOS for maximum security, transparency, and audit-ability. 

Trust your hardware

Compact, 100% silent, and backed by our US-based support team: The Vault features Intel CPUs & NICs, SSDs throughout, and comes with up to 6 Ports. 

Leverage 2.5G NICs​

All Vaults ship with Intel network ports that are independently connected to the CPU with no built in switches.  The Vault Pro 4600 series even supports up to 2.5G network interfaces on all 6 ports.

One Appliance. Endless Applications

Keep your network safe.

Install any software: All Vaults are OS agnostic and support a variety of popular open source software distributions like OPNsense, pfSense, and others. Optionally choose to have an OS preinstalled by us during configuration.

Run your favorite hypervisor.

Running a hypervisor like XCP-ng, Citrix Hypervisor, ESXi, Proxmox, or others requires trustworthy & performant hardware and flexibility. The Vault allows for easy deployment thanks to its compact form factor, plus its fanless design lets you run it in your living room.

Protect your remote workforce during times of uncertainty.

The COVID pandemic has seen millions of employees around the globe transition into the largest remote workforce the world has ever seen. For IT departments and business owners, this introduces a unique challenge of its own.

Stay on top of all IoT deployments.

Internet of Things is transforming the way we interact with technology at a rapid pace. In order to monitor and track all assets, hardware needs to meet certain criteria: Small footprint, reliable & an open platform.

Select your Model

The Protectli Vault comes in different variations depending on your needs: Up to 6 Ports, 64GB RAM, 20TB SSD storage and more.

Protectli Vault – 2 Port

Small but mighty: Best for home users with few network connections.

  • Intel Dual-Core
  • up to 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • mSATA

Starts at $239 CAD

Protectli Vault – 4 Port

More ways to customize: Ideal for small teams & companies.

  • Intel QuadCore
  • up to 32GB RAM
  • mSATA / M.2

Starts at $339 CAD

Protectli Vault – 6 Port

More ports, more power: Use in medium to large teams/companies.

  • Intel Celeron / i3 / i5 / i7
  • up to 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • mSATA and/or 2.5″ SSD

Starts at $489 CAD

The Protectli Difference

In-House QA

Every device goes through rigorous testing (configured modules, throughput etc.) before it leaves our facilities.

Happiness Guarantee

Built in Vancouver (BC), we are a call away if you ever need a repair or have any questions.

US-Based Support

Have a question about your Protectli Vault? Our team of engineers are here to support if needed.

More Resources

There is an extensive collection of resources to help you learn about the Vault, compare models, and get up and running quickly with your preferred operating system.

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